D.DAY | A Changing Narrative: From Hacking to Storytelling

Posted by on Mar 31, 2014

Boris Moshkovits and me started a new event series called d.day, which we kicked-off at Soho House Berlin in March 2014.  d.day is about conquering new territories of thought and action in our digital age.  As the digitalization of all human interactions continues to change our perception of the world, d.day brings together thought leaders and change makers to discuss the impact for future business developments, social movements and change.  We explore the digital disruption in culture, business, politics and urban life with opinion leaders from diverse backgrounds, making d.day a unique social environment to forge new paths into a positive future.

At the first event we focused on digital mass surveillance. The impact of mass surveillance and the uncontrolled use of big data have inspired cultural producers and hacktivists to change the narrative to regain privacy and dignity for everyone. In light of this, we hosted a panel discussion with theater director Angela Richter and internet activist Jacob Appelbaum, to learn more about their narratives of an internet in a post-Snowden world.