What makes me move?


As an Innovation Consultant, I work with companies to navigate the entire innovation process from the initial idea generation and ideation to the prototyping and launch stages. I help my clients evaluate and strategically position new business opportunities, and assess the potential of emerging technologies. This way, I guide them in creating an innovation formula


The time of the grand technology optimism has diminished. Now we move towards technology realism. We know that new technologies hold enormous potential to improve the social fabric and economic wealth, but they also come with new challenges and risks. With my expertise in emerging technologies as a force to transform products and services, I help


Today, we face unique challenges in our global society, from environmental pollution to rising economic inequality. Action is needed to shape a more endurable and clean future economy that works for everyone. My approach to Sustainable Business Design considers the application of clean and more resource-efficient technologies to help my clients to reduce waste, increase