Being interested in a vivid and ongoing public discourse around technology and society, Andrea Bauer regularly participates at international conferences and gatherings as a keynote speaker and panellist.

Recently she was speaking at the following events:
EyeEm Creative Disrupters Webinar – Learn From Creative Innovators
Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2019 – How to use Blockchain for the Energy Sector?
The Blockchain and Us – Why New Technologies Need Sharper Critical Thinking
iRights.Lab – Medienwandel durch Blockchain
chain2sustain – Blockchain, Supply Chains, and Sustainability
Bündnis 90/Die Grünen – Was kann Blockchain? Potenziale und Anwendungsfälle.
Bits&Bäume – Im Gespräch mit dem Bundesumweltministerium
Telekom Innovation Laboratories – Blockslam – ‘Trustless? How to develop trust in a distributed system’
re:publica18 – ‘The Krypto Economy’
NKF Summit – ‘To Infinity and Beyond’
C3 Crypto Conference – ‘Future of Money’
Moin.Blockchain – ‘Reflections on the Future’
High Tech Partnering Conference – ‘Blockchain – die nächste Bubble?’
ColaborAmerica – Rio de Janeiro – ‘Blockchain for Good’
EXPO 2017 – Future Energy Forum – Astana – ‘Grassroots Movements Driving Sustainability’
re:publica16 – ‘Blockchain and the Future of Governance’
Murmann Conference – Metropolitan Summit – ‘Blockchain: Utopie oder Dystopie?’
OuiShare Fest – Paris – ‘Connecting Cars. Re-Defining Mobility’
Hertie Stiftung – ‘Neo Tribes. The Future is Tribal’


Since 2017 Andrea Bauer has been a lecturer in ‘Circular Design and Sustainability’ within the master program ‘Strategic Design’ at the SRH School of Design and Communication. In the course, she discusses the current discourse around sustainability, sustainable design aspects and business design principles, governance methods and tech innovation on sustainability.

Design Akademie Berlin_Andrea Bauer

Furthermore, she reflects on sustainable design and innovation principles to foster sustainable business development and equip the students with the necessary understanding and creative core skills. The course reacts to the current urgency to create a more resource-efficient global economy.

Participants will learn about current trends, movements, and lighthouse projects. The participants will develop a personal understanding of different tools, methods, and philosophies to consider sustainability when creating new products and services.