As a strategy and innovation consultant I help businesses and organizations worldwide to integrate and harness the power of digital media through strategic advisory services. Therefore I work with established companies, startup entrepreneurs, universities, and public figures to develop cutting-edge strategies and solutions through smart and creative thinking. The next step is to create strategic


In the role of a project or product lead I break down the digital strategies into a set of services, products, and measures, calculate business cases and find strategic partners. To accomplish a successful Go-To-Market I manage all marketing, brand, business, stakeholder, design, tech, and legal issues. Therefore I help the creative and tech team to reach their


As a public speaker I am available for keynotes, panels or guest lectures at universities. I reflect my thoughts on current digital trends, innovations, and paradigm shifts in user experience. In workshops I will reflect trends, show new digital service concepts or involve further specialists to showcase certain business cases. Key Areas: Technology / Innovation /