What makes me move?

I am a business strategist, innovation advocate and author. With my company BEAM Studio I work on innovation and tech projects for more than 15 years. In 2017 I published my new book „The Krypto Economy“ in which I elaborate on the underlying dynamics of an digital era. Besides I am a contributor to innovation platforms like POC21, Soho House or re:publica in the role of a mentor, committee member, or curator. My practical work is based on my academic education as an alumni of Universität der Künste Berlin and Universität St. Gallen. Since 2017 I am a lecturer in Business Design in the master program Strategic Design at the design academy berlin.


As a project member, consultant or innovator I help companies to evaluate new business opportunities, strategic positioning, and the potential of media convergence to develop their very formula of tech innovation, while questioning petrified business models, processes and structures. I work with business leaders, universities, and public figures to develop cutting-edge solutions with digital media through


Business leaders and policy-makers permanently must keep track on new technologies, like internet of things, artificial intelligence, robotics, wearables, 3D printing, or blockchain, oblige them to rethink their production systems. Understanding new tech as a force to transform global production systems and unleash a new wave of competition and collaboration, I help business leaders to understand


But finding a use case for a future technology is not enough. Business leaders need to take action on a new agenda to shape a sustainable future economy for a global society. This way, new technologies should not just improve economical wealth but also support social and ecological living concepts. As an sustainability advocate, I