Business Design

As a partner, founder or consultant I support, foster and help to create new forward-looking services and businesses while putting a main focus on digital technology. As a consultant I work with established companies, entrepreneurs, universities, and public figures to develop cutting-edge solutions with digital media through interdisciplinary and creative working methods. I use a wide set of

Communities & Networks

As a passionate networker I am part of many communities and love to build bridges between them, since I beliefe in the power of exchanging ideas and bringing belief systems or ideologies together or even challenge them. Therefor I connect people and organizations to accelerate projects for systemic change. This way I contributed to many

Inspiration Spaces

As a public speaker, moderator, and curator I support or create open and creative spaces for thoughts and expression. Through events, panel discussions, lectures, keynotes, or workshops, I reflect on current digital and social trends, innovations, and paradigm shifts in society. In workshops I introduce trends, show-case new service concepts of the digital era or involve further specialists