The time of the grand technology optimism has diminished. Now we move towards technology realism. We know that new technologies hold enormous potential to improve the social fabric and economic wealth, but they also come with new challenges and risks. With my expertise in emerging technologies as a force to transform products and services, I help companies and institutions comprehend the opportunities and threats to create actual use cases applying future scenarios.

Today, more than ever, we find ourselves in the position that we stand at a critical juncture to put technologies to work responsibly for people and the planet. To achieve this, a fundamental gearshift is urgently needed, from the current race to deploy new technologies for short-term growth and commercial gain to a more long-sighted and responsible approach that actively harnesses technology to tackle society’s most important problems.

The rising technology-savvy generation lives with and understands well what technology can do but also have vastly different expectations of leaders than previous generations. The rapid pace of change of technological innovation is not expected to slow, so we must do more to channel technology assertively to support progress and serve a healthy society and planet. I support leaders in navigating this ever-changing terrain.