MySpace goes Mobile

Posted by on Feb 17, 2006

HELIO.jpg my space2.jpg
MySpace, the largest and most successful social network on the planet, just announced the exclusive way it will enter the mobile arena. It’s worth noting that existing MySpace users effectively include every single mobile-savvy young adult in the US. And, Enpocket’s research finds that 30% of respondents age 18-24 prefer to access information from mobile phones rather than TV, newspapers, the Internet, radio, and magazines.
So, does MySpace repeat its initial success by keeping the barriers to adoption as low as possible and giving their users a highly social, highly flexible environment in which to express themselves? Nope, MySpace cuts an exclusive deal with a yet-to-be-launched MVNO named Helio whose current installed base is zero. Further, this MVNO only offers the latest, coolest phones, and “’MySpace Mobile On Helio’” will leverage the devices’ advanced capabilities.”