10 April

Hotxt and Emoze: Cheap texts and easy emails

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Communication over GPRS and other mobile data connections is quickly becoming a popular and cheap alternative to SMS and BlackBerry’s push-email service. Two companies leading the way in the fight for cheaper text and email services are Hotxt and Emblaze. Hotxt, a company managed by Doug Richard, a former member of the Dragon’s Den, lets

4 April

The European Mobile Entertainment Market

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Stanislas Chesnais, CEO of Netsize, gave a talk on the European mobile content market, with some pretty interesting figures. Mobile data accounts for about 20% of operator revenues, on an ARPU of $42-60. More than 70% of mobile content is sold off the carriers’ portals, and Chesnais expected this figure to increase to around 90%

29 March

Obopay set to Launch: More Mobile Payments

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Palo Alto based Obopay https://www.obopay.com/info/ is set to launch sometime Thursday (the site is currently password protected). This is the newest product in the very active mobile payments space (see PayPal Mobile and TextPayMe as well). A few more details about Obopay have come out since Matt Marshall posted a teaser two weeks ago. Obopay

22 March

PayPal Mobile Launches

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PayPal has launched its mobile payment platform, called, of course, PayPal Mobile. Oliver Starr at MobileCrunch had the scoop and was also slashdotted an hour ago. This spells trouble for existing mobile payment provider TextPayMe. PayPal’s solution is fully baked, easy to use, and has some great features that take this beyond a way to

1 March

Wi-Fi Chipset Market Continues Impressive Growth

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The Wireless LAN (WLAN) chipset market is on a phenomenal growth pace that is projected to continue over the next few years. The market will soar from just over 140 million annual chipset unit shipments in 2005 to 430 million in 2009, reports In-Stat. In 2005, growth was driven primarily by mobile PCs, home/SOHO wireless