24 July

What is GPRS ?

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GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a step between GSM and 3G cellular networks. GPRS offers faster data transmission via a GSM network within a range 9.6Kbits to 115Kbits. This new technology makes it possible for users to make telephone calls and transmit data at the same time. (For example, if you have a mobile

20 June

O2 Has Held Talks To Buy The Link Retail Chain

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o2, the UK mobile telecommunications unit of Spanish company Telefonica, Monday said it has been engaged in the past in talks to buy The Link retail chain. But an O2 spokesman declined to comment on a press report that said it was close to acquiring the chain from DSG International. “There’s been discussions in the

6 June

Helio: another MVNO in trouble?

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It looks like Amp’d and ESPN Mobile aren’t the only MVNOs discovering that their business models may not be getting them where they want to be. An unconfirmed report out of Telecoms Korea is brewing that Helio has managed to sign up 100 subscribers since launching a couple months back. SK Telecom, which teamed up

9 May

India Challenges China as Fastest Growing Mobile Phone Market

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The pace of India’s mobile phone market growth is accelerating and the country is on track to surpass Russia and the U.S. in total subscribers. That is one of the conclusions of an updated report from Datacomm Research Company. “The number of mobile phone subscribers added each month in India has more than tripled over

14 April

Mobile Advertising Represents a New Source of Revenue for Operators

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Advertising is making its way into the mobile industry, following in the footsteps of mobile marketing, according to a recent IDC study. Mobile operators will have to embrace mobile advertising, which is key in their strategies for the coming years. Mobile advertising does potentially offer a new way to add value to the mobile chain.