Since 2017 Andrea Bauer is a lecturer in Innovation and Business Design in the course Sustainable Branding in the master program Strategic Design at the design academy berlin.

Design Akademie Berlin_Andrea Bauer

Within ‘Innovation and Business Design’ Andrea Bauer is using design and innovation principles to teach sustainable business development as a creative core skill. The course reacts on the current urgency to create a more resource-efficient global economy.

Participants will learn about current trends, movements, and light house projects. The participants will develop a personal understanding of different tools, methods, and philosophies to consider sustainability when creating a business.


Being interested in a vivid and ongoing public discourse around technology and society, Andrea Bauer participates regularly at international conferences and gatherings as a keynote speaker and panelist.

Recently she was speaking at the following events:
Hertie Stiftung on ‘Neo Tribes – The Future is Tribal’
OuiShare Fest – Paris on ‘Connecting Cars – Re-Defining Mobility’
Murmann Conference – Metropolitan Summit on ‘Blockchain – Utopie oder Dystopie?’
re:publica on ‘Blockchain and the Future of Governance’
EXPO 2017 – Future Energy Forum – Astana on ‘Grassroots Movements Driving Sustainability’
ColaborAmerica – Rio de Janeiro on ‘Blockchain for Good’
High Tech Partnering Conference on ‘Blockchain – die nächste Bubble?’